Immerse Yourself in Ministry

Our students are not tied to the classroom. Practical application is paramount in the Kingdom School as students spend time working alongside pastors in the mundane and the exciting, leading to our students learning how to minister by ministering to others as they are in school.

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Gospel ministry


Students are embedded within scripture from the first day of the Kingdom School, studying theological concepts, an introduction to the original languages, and church history.


  • Theology
  • An Introduction to Biblical Languages
  • Old Testament
    • Pentateuch/History
    • Major/Minor Prophets
    • Poetry/Wisdom
  • New Testament
    • Gospels
    • Acts
    • Letters
  • Church History
  • Church and the World

Spiritual development

Christian Life

Through spending time with God, being led in transformational times of ministry, and understanding who they are in Christ, our students grow their relationship with God alongside their intellect.


  • Inner Christian Life
    • Personal Values
    • Church Foundation/Cultural Values
    • Spiritual Disciplines
  • Outer Christian Life
    • Boundaries
    • Family Life in Ministry
    • Personal Finances
    • Mental Health
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pastoral Ministry


Learn how to walk alongside others in the church and establish your own ministries and outreaches by actually doing those things. Students will gain practical experience in ministry during both years of study.


  • Research Methods
    • How to Research
    • How to Write
  • Hermeneutics
    • Reading/Interpreting the Bible
  • Homiletics
    • Communicating
    • Preaching/Teaching
  • Five-Fold Ministry Development
  • Christian Counseling
  • Ethics

Leadership Development

Ministry Leadership

Students will minister alongside pastors as they learn in the classroom. Our internships will give students practical experience that gives insight into every aspect of vocational ministry.


  • Ministry Leadership
    • Team Building
    • Evaluating Volunteers
  • Church Administration
    • Planning/Budgeting
    • Scheduling
    • Finance
  • Church Ministry Development
    • Shadow Each Ministry
    • Manage Volunteers
    • Missions/Outreach
  • Church Planting
  • Church Development
    • Staffing/Team
    • Gathering a Congregation