New Life City began in October of 2000.  In the seminal years of the church's formation, Pastor Alan received several foundational prophetic words, including one from Cindy Jacobs.  New Life City was born with Cindy's mandate to remember the people of the cities, towns, and byways of New Mexico, and to make a way for people to experience life in the Holy Spirit as God's family.


Cultural Values

We are a People of Word and Spirit

The manifest presence of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God are foundational and indispensable to our congregation. Upon these foundations we are being built up into a dwelling place for the Lord. His Word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path, and His Spirit guides us in all truth along that path.

We are Family

Jesus brought us into His family and called His Father our Father. Now we are fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, sisters and brothers. We refuse to be bitter. We refuse to have enemies. We refuse to use guilt and manipulation as means of control. We find freedom in forgiveness. We commit to one another in love, we call out the best in each other, and we work through conflict to stay in relationship.

We Pursue Spirit, Soul, and Body Healing

God is the Healer. We pray for the sick through the laying on of hands, we renew our minds to God’s truth and are transformed, and we receive healing for emotional and spiritual wounds. We seek abundant life, wholly living in the Shalom peace of Jesus.

We Receive to Give

The Christian life is receiving and giving. With grateful hearts we receive from Him and worship Him with our lives. We impart to one another the spiritual gifts we have received and give time, strength, finances, and resources back to God and others in our region, our nation, and across the world.

We Love God’s Church

The local church is the frontline of God’s work on earth. We disciple, equip, and empower believers to walk in maturity with the Lord. We pray for life-giving churches to thrive in our cities. We support the local and global church. 

We Seek God’s Kingdom

The kingdom has come and is coming, and we are called to be ministers of reconciliation. Our congregation is one piece of the kingdom puzzle, one brick in the structure. We follow King Jesus who showed us that the last are first, those who lose their lives save them, and the greatest in the kingdom are the servants of all.

We are a Habitation for the Holy Spirit

The Lord is welcome to move among us without restriction and to dwell in our midst. We do not want to quench the move of the Holy Spirit. We worship Him in spirit and truth. We operate in the gifts of the Spirit and listen for His voice and prompting.